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The Inter-Mountain photo by Angelea Goodwin The GFWC Woman’s Club of Elkins donates $1,500 to the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library’s Capital Campaign. Front row from left are Mary Boyd, Cindy Stemple, Mary Davis, Stephanie Murphy, Donna Jones, Heidi Jeffries, Dr. Cindy Kolsun and Cathy McMenamy; and row two from left, Joan Tacy, Faye Channell, Dorothy Wamsley, Sue Pifer, Holly Riley, Cardene Lytle, Katie Kerns, Peggy Knutti, Barbara Whritnour and Rose Harvey.

Join us in making vast improvements to your library!  We've a long way to go to make this dream come true.  The addition will almost double the square footage of the current library, allowing for

  • Classroom space with digital tools
  • Meeting spaces with built-in programming 
  • Dedicated Children's room
  • Additional computers with increased workspaces
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Upgraded digital services

Today's world is changing, and libraries are struggling to keep up.  The Internet has become the primary way people gather information,  and demand for numerous digital devices are erasing the pen and paper methods of the past for researching, learning and exploring  new ideas.   New spaces are needed to provide the community with well-equipped classroom and meeting experiences.  Upgrades to cabling are necessary to accommodate digital demands.  Dedicated areas are desirable to meet the needs of all age groups and organizations.  

A plan is in place to make all these changes possible.  Examine the proposal, and then see how you can help!

Thank You!

Opportunities exist in many forms to fit your life and your budget.  This huge undertaking will take the cooperation of the entire community to complete.  The benefits of the new library are Exhilerating, affecting every age group and ability, providing new services, and giving your community new opportunities to meet, learn and grow.  See below for ways you can help!

  • Volunteer!  Join our Building Committee (email us for more details)
  • Donate!  Every dollar counts. Give a one-time donation, or make a commitment to recurring donations.  
  • Sign up for email updates for future opportunities to help.
  • Submit suggestions for your organization's charitable giving programs.

​Members of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Elkins met Tuesday, June 6, to donate $1,500 to the library's Capital Campaign, which has been set up to garner financial support for the building project.  

The local women's club is the first organization of record to give to the project, and are actually the founding foremothers of the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library.  Members of the Elkins Women’s Club in the 1960’s who believed in a public system of reading and education, originally worked out of a member’s home to encourage their philosophy.  They grew to a one room system during 1969 at the Elkins YMCA, and hired Helen Feaster as the very first librarian.

"Their support has been instrumental in bringing our services to Randolph County," states Stephanie Murphy, campaign director.  "We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to continuing our partnership in education and information services in our community."

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