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All Three Lil' Leroi books are now available!

Dustin Coffman 

Ann Claycomb’s fiction has been published in American Short Fiction, Zahir, Fiction Weekly, Brevity, Hot Metal Bridge, The Evansville Review, Title Goes Here, and other publications. She has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has an MFA in fiction from West Virginia University.

Professor Claycomb will be attending the Cool Chicks Read Book Club's first meetin,g on July 20, 2017, to discuss her book, The Mermaid's Daughter.  

The epic story of West Virginia's most notorious murders.

Geoffrey Fuller has been a writer and editor in the mountain state for 30 years​ and has also written an award winning  novel, the thriller Full Bone Moon, and a true crime, Pretty Little Killers

Sarah James McLaughlin, Geoffrey C. Fuller and Kendall Perkinson (pictured here) are the authors, investigators, producers of the popular Podcast: The WVU Coed Murders, the story of Mared and Karen, two students killed in Morgantown in 1970.  Two trials were held to convict their killer, the second one in Elkins.  But was he really guilty of this crime?  Listen to the podcast, then read the upcoming book being written by Fuller.  

A modern-day expansion of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, this unforgettable debut novel weaves a spellbinding tale of magic and the power of love as a descendent of the original mermaid fights the terrible price of saving herself from a curse that has affected generations of women in her family...

​Nancy went on to receive an M.S. in Television Production from Boston University and a Ph.D. in International Relations from The American University in Washington, D.C. With these credentials, plus experience at CBS, she served for over 20 years as an independent consultant in educational media and training for adults on five continents. Focusing on developing countries, she worked in Afghanistan, Guyana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia and Tanzania, among others.​

Nancy Swing

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The WVU Coed Murder crew  will be available Friday, October 5, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a special presentation at 4:00 p.m. at the

MSFF Author Fair!

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​CHILD'S PLAY takes place in the fictitious town of Lewiston, WV, where a wealthy woman and poverty-stricken girl are both found dead in the woman's Mercedes. Eden Jones, thirteen-year-old friend of the girl, and Bethanne Swanson, hard-luck sister of the woman, must combine forces to discover what happened. Along the way, they solve not one, but three mysteries and despite their differences in age and experience, become first friends and then soulmates. 

Available on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle

 Inspiration for this story was a little yellow gasoline work train engine that serves the Durbin Rocket Ride. This story develops learning to like yourself, living with your neighbors, developing your talents and making the best of your opportunities. These stories recognize the switchback tracks built on the high Cheat Mountains. Powerful steam and Shay engines were built to switch back and forth on the tracks as they climbed to the mountain top. 

Nancy Swing has returned to her roots to write CHILD'S PLAY, the first novel in a trilogy set in small-town West Virginia.

Raised in Wetzel and Harrison counties, Nancy was a graduate of Washington Irving High School in Clarksburg and West Virginia University, where she received a BA in Psychology. At WVU, she was the first woman elected to a student government position historically always held by a man -- Speaker of Student Legislature. At the end of her Junior year, she was selected as one of 18 students nationwide to participate in the 1964 Asian Seminar, traveling to Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand and then working for the summer in India.

Available on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle Editions

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Julia Elbon 

The author is a Mountain State native--born, reared, and educated in West Virginia. Julia Lockridge Pitsenberger Elbon holds degrees from West Virginia University. Her educational career spanned levels from kindergarten to college.  She established the first elementary guidance program in Randolph County schools. She has also held several offices in Randolph County, WV, Julia read under a hickory tree in the pasture of the family homestead. Her children and grandchildren read there, too, and her daughter called it the reading tree . Although, Julia and her husband, Harold, are still working in real estate development, she finds time to enjoy writing. She has  two children and two grandchildren. These children s imagination and creativity are part of the rationale for the Switchback Stories.

Dustin Coffman lives in a small town in the heart of West Virginia. Music and reading is a big part of his everyday life, stress relievers as he calls them. Writing has always been a love for him, as far back as he can remember. Dustin is also a full-time writer for Horrorcore Magazine, doing reviews, interviews, and short stories. He is quickly becoming a well-known name in the writing screen. With nothing standing in his way, Dustin is ready to show the world what is dancing around inside his creative head.

Dustin is best known for his vampire novels (the Eternal Life series), but he has also put out countless short stories around the world. A true story teller in the making!

Ann Claycomb 

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